Is Contractors Using Subs A Bad Thing?

Are subcontractors a good or bad thing for your remodeling project? I was recently asked if a contractor using subs was a bad thing. The answer to that question will be discussed, along with their various roles during a home renovation.  Generally speaking, sub contractors are widely used and are essential partners in a home … Read more

XtremeAir Range Hood Review

During a recent kitchen remodeling project, I was tasked with replacing an over the range microwave with a high quality range hood. Over the range microwaves are a common kitchen appliance, but the ventilation performance is lacking. This client was looking for a quality ventilation solution that would fit above the 30” range. Existing over … Read more

A headline for your blog post

H2 headline as the introduction to your post. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit, urna consequat felis vehicula class ultricies mollis dictumst, aenean non a in donec nulla. Phasellus ante pellentesque erat cum risus consequat imperdiet aliquam, integer placerat et turpis mi eros nec lobortis taciti, vehicula nisl litora tellus ligula porttitor. Vivamus … Read more

6 Reasons You Should Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Painted White Cabinets in Wilkes Barre Get Free Quote Kitchens are the heart of the home. A place where family’s gather and where memories are made. Many homeowners dream of a beautiful kitchen to enjoy these precious moments and a kitchen remodel is one of the top wishlist items for homeowners. In many situations, a … Read more