6 Reasons You Should Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Painted White Cabinets in Wilkes Barre

Painted White Cabinets in Wilkes Barre

Kitchens are the heart of the home. A place where family’s gather and where memories are made.

Many homeowners dream of a beautiful kitchen to enjoy these precious moments and a kitchen remodel is one of the top wishlist items for homeowners. In many situations, a full kitchen remodel may not be needed to make you fall in love with your kitchen.

Cabinet painting and cabinet refacing is a popular way to bring new life to you kitchen without a full remodel. Here are 6 reasons you should paint your kitchen cabinets.

Modernize Your Kitchen– Theres no question that painted kitchen cabinets are extremely popular. The majority of kitchen renovations that we have completed in recent years included painted cabinetry

Just take a look around the local home centers, kitchen design centers, and websites such as Pinterest and Houzz. You will find an abundance of painted kitchen cabinetry.

We hear it all the time: many customers like their cabinets, but just just hate the color. Often the cabinets are in great physical condition, but they are simply outdated.

Painting your cabinets, or possibly refacing them, will provide a totally new look without the hassle of a renovation.

Timberwolf Gray Cabinets

Timberwolf Gray Cabinets

Personalize Your Kitchen- Painted cabinets can fit within any home decor and allow a high level of personalization to be incorporated into the design.

White is one of the hottest colors, however, you have no limitations to color choice. You can literally paint your cabinets any color. You’re not restricted to the color options from the cabinet manufacturer.

We can paint cabinets the exact color and sheen that fits best with your design goals

In addition to paint colors, you can further enhance your kitchen with glazed, pinstriped, and distressed finishes. Custom finish options allow an artistic touch to be added to your kitchen and to create a unique design element to your home.

Cost Savings- There’s no question about it, a kitchen remodeling project can require a significant financial investment.

Painting your kitchen cabinets will only cost a fraction of replacement. Most professional cabinet painting projects only cost $3000-$6000. A typical midlevel kitchen remodel will easily approach (or exceed) $30,000.

Money saved by painting your cabinets can be used towards other household upgrades or needs of the family.

Return On Investment- Research finds that kitchen upgrades such as cabinet refinishing and cabinet refacing provide a higher return on investment, compared to more invasive remodeling work.

So not only does refinishing your cabinets save you money, it has proven to be a valuable improvement to your home

ROI is especially important for those looking to sell their home or to maximize the home value while minimizing the investment. Professional cabinet refinishing gives you the best bang for your buck.

Painting your cabinets before selling your home can improve the marketability and the selling price. Homebuyers love to see a fresh clean kitchen while shopping for a new home.

Maple cabinets refinished in White Dove

Maple cabinets refinished in White Dove

Time Savings- Many cabinet refinishing projects can be completed in 3-5 days and will minimize downtime and disruption to your family. Remodels often take several weeks, depending on the scope of work.

The fast turnaround time of cabinet refinishing allows you to enjoy your new kitchen quicker and get your life back to normal.

Any contractor working in your home can be disruptive and stressful. The contractor that you choose for your kitchen project is often the most important decision you make during the process.

A proficient cabinet painter has the skills, expertise, and equipment to complete your kitchen quickly and provide reliable results. Hiring an experienced finisher is essential for a successful refinishing project.

Stand Alone Project- Cabinets can be painted, refinished, or refaced independently and do not require any other work or renovation to completed. This keeps cost down and allows work to be completed quickly.

When cabinets are replaced, there are other areas of work involved with the process. Most often, plumbing, countertops, backsplash, millworks, and flooring are impacted by cabinet replacement.

Cabinets touch all of these other building elements and are often disrupted adding to the time and expense associated with removing and replacing cabinets.

So if you’ve decided that painting your cabinets is the best way to update your kitchen, there’s a few things that should be considered.

Oak Cabinet Refinishing

Oak Cabinet Refinishing

DIY or not? Painting cabinets is different than most other painting projects that you may do around the home. It’s a project that I generally discourage for a handyman or homeowner to take on.

Some underestimate how much time is needed to properly degrease, clean, sand, and mask the area. Proper prep is critical for a reliable finish.

In addition to the significant time and effort to prep the cabinets for finishing, specialized equipment is needed for professional results.

Ventilation/filtration equipment is needed to remove overspray and vapors from the kitchen area. You don’t want a mess in your home or excess exposure to the chemicals used to clean and finish the cabinetry.

Fresh Coat of Amherst Gray on a Cabinet Door

Fresh Coat of Amherst Gray on a Cabinet Door

For the best finish, spray equipment is used. Factory finishes on furniture and cabinetry are always sprayed.

Lacquers and catalyzed urethanes commonly used on cabinets are not designed for application using a brush or paint roller. Finish quality will suffer without the proper equipment and experience using the products.

The best quality paints for cabinet painting are typically not available at your local hardware store or paint store. Cabinets and furniture are finished with industrial coatings that are designed and marketed to industry professionals.

There are some excellent quality paints available from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and others, but there are some trade offs using them on kitchen cabinets.

If painting your own kitchen cabinets or hiring a local house painter, understand there may be some trade offs in durability, finish quality, or performance compared to hiring a professional finisher that specializes in fine finish woodwork and cabinetry refinishing.

NEPA Remodeling is part of industry related groups with professional refinishers located all over the USA. Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to put you in touch with a local finishing expert.

For those in the Scranton, PA area that are looking to bring out the best of your kitchen, we would love to help. You can fill out our Cabinet Painting Request Form for more information.